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SSGT - E5 - Army - Selective Service - 101st Airborne Division - East Point, GA. His tour began on May 2, 1970. Casualty was on May 20, 1970 in THUA THIEN, SOUTH VIETNAM. NON-HOSTILE, GROUND CASUALTY, OTHER ACCIDENT. Body was recovered. Ed Mitchel (CO of Alpha Co. at the time) notes: CPL Carter and SSG Ward were lost when a grenade detonated between them as they lay side by side in a night position on the 20th. We (A Company) had been placed under operational control of the 1-502 Inf on the 18th and had air assaulted into an overwatch position southwest of Phu Bai while the rest of the battalion moved onto Fire Base Brick.
Panel 10W - Line 73.
Shirley Haynes wrote "Tony was my brother. There were 5 of us Joe, Tony , Donnie, me and then Wayne was the youngest. Joe and Donnie joined the Air Force. Tony was drafted. He had recently married and didnít want to enlist for the 4 years."

Sadly, Tony was only "in country" 21 days when his casualty occurred. Read Guy Rudawski's account here.
Tony R. Ward - East Point, GA - burial at Floral memory Gardens - Albany, GA



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