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From: "Perry Lewis"
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Subject: Vietnam 1968
Date: Mon, 7 May 2007 23:07:14 -0400

My name is Perry A. Lewis. I served in Vietnam with the 2nd of the 501st, Alpha Company, Third Platoon from 1968-69. I came in as a replacement hooking up with my platoon at LZ Sally in March of 1968. Let me know if these pictures come through in usable fashion, if not I can mail them to you. My computer has the capability of increasing the size of the photos, so let me know if you are able to resize them so they can be appreciated. I know most of the names in the picture, however I am not going to offer them unless you request them and you feel the personnel do not care. I am the soldier holding the snake's head. I just found your web site recently and thought these photos would be appreciated. These pictures were just about faded out and I had them restored. They came out pretty good. They were taken at the end of 1968, I am not sure what month.

I had been in the hospital for awhile from an injury and had recently returned back to my platoon. While I was away the platoon had received a lot of new replacements as it had taken heavy loses on a recent mission. I was appointed the 3rd squad leader and we had just climbed a tall mountain. While we were preparing to set up perimeter, I was ordered to take my squad back down for reconnaissance. All my men were inexperienced so I took the point and followed a rocky wash back down the mountain flanking the trail we followed up. I did this in case the enemy had set up an ambush somewhere along the trail. About three fourths the way down the rocks became very damp and slippery. I lost my footing and landed on my butt and slid the rest of the way down holding my M-16 high overhead and going off a ten to fifteen foot ledge landing in a big pool of water about chest deep. This 18 and 1/2 foot Burmese Python was coiled up in the bottom waiting for unsuspecting prey coming up to the pool of water for a drink. After our encounter, I figured he must would spring up out of the water and snatch the unsuspecting prey. I had never expected to encounter something like this so I don't know who was more surprised me or the snake. He didn't like me invading his territory nor standing on him and we immediately went into hand to hand, well hand to snake combat. I kept using my M-16 to shield his attacks coming up out of the water and loudly blowing and hissing water right in my face, however it didn't take long for him to gain the advantage and get a coil around me. My squad had caught up by then and began trying to help me.

The snake was just too strong. By the grace of God I had the presence of mind to jerk my sweat towel from around my neck and wrap it around his eyes blind folding him. He went limp and loosened his coil around and my men finished loosening his grip and freeing me. We pulled him on out of the pool of water and were amazed at how long he really was and how heavy he was. After talking it over with the platoon leader, I was ordered to bring the snake back up the mountain alive. We lifted him up on our shoulders and made the long climb back up, exhausted however successfully. These pictures were taken just after we made it back up. A chopper was sent out and he was hoisted up in a mail sack and taken to the rear area. I don't know what happened to him or where he went or what kind of stories were told about him, however you have the truth from the squad leader whose squad captured him and the pictures to prove it. I live in Dunn, North Carolina.

God Bless You,
Perry A. Lewis
(910) 892-8786
Cell (910) 303-0200

Hello fellow Avengers. My name is Barth "Shortround" Cunico and I served with 2nd Plt, A Co 2/501st Infantry 101st Airborne in Vietnam from the first week of March 1971 until 14 February 1972. Lt. Joe Hooper was my first Platoon Leader. I have recently taken over the webmaster duties from Pam Morris and my first goal was to give the site a complete "facelift" I hope you like the new look. I would be interested in posting Vietnam era photos from anyone who wishes to share them. I would also like to narrow down the "Lost Avenger" list. If you can help, write me at Welcome Home and Drive On!!!!

Merry Christmas. Any one out there have photos of Firebase Airborne especially the upper knoll. I am also looking for medal presentation orders for May 13, 1969 on Airborne to either Alpha or Echo Companies. Happy New Year. Mark Weston

Dianne, I don't know why I did a search for Alpha Avengers tonight, but I did. There was Jim with Bear and Bobby and Ben in our living room. That was a great day - a great weekend. It meant a lot to Jim and it gave me a deeper appreciation of the man I have loved for the past 38 years.

Thank you to Bear and Bob for keeping in touch with and coming to see "Dino". Thank you for remembering him.

This website is a wonderful tribute to all the Alpha Avengers. God bless you all.

Kathy Mannino - wife of Jim "Dino" Mannino


Your new site is wonderful. Your memorial page is very touching. Just yesterday I read that of the 2,700,000 of us who served in Nam, only 850,000 of us are left. It just doesn't seem possible. "It Don't Mean Nothing." "Drive On!"

Gary D/2/501 June 69 to June 70

I was on Granite in the spring of 1970.I served as a Pathfinder, helping with the resupply and air traffic control. I remember all of the incoming. Tim Goodner.101st aviation group Pathfinder Platoon. 


FANTASTIC Web Site! We have added a link to our monthly newsletter so that more veterans can be made aware of this tremendous resource. Also, please visit our web site to learn about hidden government benefits you are eligible for and how to significantly increase your service-connected compensation or VA pension.

I am trying to find information about my cousin, Cpl. Douglas Wayne Day who served in the 101st 2-501st E Company. He began his tour in Vietnam on 22-Apr-1970 and was killed at Quang Tri South Vietnam on 06-May-1970. If anyone knows anything about him, or could even give me some info about his unit I'd appreciate it. Also, the information that I have says he was located at FSB Henderson. Thanks to all who have served.

Mom and Pam,

I have finally been able to view this website in its entirety after participating in the San Antonio Reunion. For the longest time I just couldn't bear to see the Memorial Page with dad's picture and the music. It was just too much of a reminder that dad isn't here anymore. I miss dad every day and whenever I'm at work and need a "dad fix" I can just click on this web site and see him. Of course I still can't turn on the volume because of the tears but the pictures are just what I need. Thanks for doing a great job with this web site at memorializing dad, Ray and Tex in addition to the other wonderful vets who have passed away.

It was such a wonderful experience to participate in the Reunion. I was apprehensive to go because I miss dad so much but I am very glad I went. It was a great honor for me to converse with the men who fought with, next to and for the same reasons as dad and I am so proud to have spent some time with them. I know dad was there looking down with a smile on his face, a cigar in his hand and his belly hanging over his shorts. Thanks again mom and Pam and thanks to all the Vietnam Veterans and their families who were present in San Antonio. It meant so much to me.

Amie M. Huber - daughter of Ned T. Kintzer

Without A & E/2/501st I more than likely would not be here typing this. Thank You.  You guys were our first line of defense on FSB Airborne during the morning of May 13th 1969. My unit was practically eliminated. I was one of the lucky "10"  & I still remember trying to nail that one sapper with the white head band. Too bad his day was also a lucky one.

Thank You, Thank You !!
Mike Myers
C Btry 2/319 Arty, 101st

May 13, 1969-39 years ago today Fire base Airborne was overrun.  Thank you to those who fought off the NVA and allowed me to come home.

Mark Weston
"E" Co. 2/501st, 101st Airborne

I am so proud to have found this web site . I served with the brave and honorable men of the 2/501st. Avengers from September 1968 to October 1969. I hope to hear from some of them and from the ones that I will never hear from again we must always remember their contribution to the freedom we all cherish so much.
Thank you so much , Andrew Harey

Hi! I'm John Strass and I like your site!
Thank you!

I was browsing the site and on the letters from home page, ran across pictures from Rod Songer. The last picture in the series sure looks like Santos Salinas to me. Do you know anything about it?

Thanks,  Alan Wendt


Thank you so much, Pam and Diane for all you have done to document the legacy of A 2/501. In many ways it is like coming home. Thank you Brigadier General James Mitchell for your leadership back in those wild days, and your willingness to take time with each of us in this last year. I would also like to mention my good friend Edward Bishop, KIA Fire Base Granite, 29 APR 1970. He has been and will always be missed.

Alan Wendt

Hard Luck Alpha Aug 69 - Aug 70



Just a friend of a Veteran of Alpha Co. 2/501st, 1969-70. He taught me some valuable lessons about life 37 yrs ago when he made it back to the world. Lessons about life because he lived so close to death everyday. You are all heroes. Welcome Home to all of you and Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!!



Pam & Dianne,

Thank you both for all the endless hours you both must put forth on this awesome tribute to the Alpha Avengers and the memorial to Ned, Ray, & "Tex". I know John "Tex" would be so proud of you for carrying on he and his brother's dream of this association. I know Ned and Ray are proud of you also. I remember when John "Tex" would be searching for fellow brothers, that had not been heard from in years, when he was trying to get the Alpha Avenger Association organized. He wanted everyone contacted, for every soldier was important, no matter what his duty may have been. He put his all into this organization and words cannot express to you how touching it is for me to see the care and love put into this site by the two of you. John "Tex" Fair loved his Alpha Avenger brothers. He always told me how special all of you are. God Bless all of you Alpha Avengers for all the sacrifices you gave for our country and "Thank You," for Loving My Brother!

Sincere Love and Appreciation To All,


Sister & Brother-in-law of John "TEX" Fair


A NOTE FROM PAM MORRIS, WEBMASTER, and DIANNE KINTZER, Sec/Treas, OF THE Alpha Avengers of Vietnam Association -

Since the launching of this website on September 21, 2007, we are on our way to almost 1,000 hits. How thrilling for us and for all you Avengers!

We have received so many well wishes and positive comments included in phone calls, e-mails, and notes sent in along with membership dues. It is incredible and at the same time very humbling.

We continue to update and add new information to the website, 
so check back often. Please make it a priority to especially pay close attention to the following pages---HOME, LOCATE LOST AVENGERS, and GUESTBOOK. 
Also, remember to consider making your reservations for the up-coming reunion in June 2008. That'll be here before you know it! We're looking for a lot of new faces, so we highly encourage you to attend.

Again, we sincerely THANK YOU for the overwhelming response to YOUR website.

May you have a most joyous Holiday Season, and may the New Year bring good health and happy moments to you and your loved ones. We pray that one day man will live in a world of PEACE. God Bless You All and all the troops serving our country.

In sincere appreciation,

Pam and Dianne


     It is with deepest sorrow I write this letter after receiving the Newsletter that told of the passing of John 'Tex' Fair. Tex and I were in the same platoon for most of our tours of duty. I entered Alpha company during stand down in Nov. 70 , Tex probably a month or so later. Unfortunately, the years have all but erased the memories I have of my year in Viet Nam. I remember Tex as just our "sixty gunner", an easy going guy that got along with everybody.

It was Tex who 'found' me back in the early '90's when he would make blind phone calls trying to locate lost Avengers. He probably didn't even know who he was calling, because very few, if any, knew my name. I was only know by the nickname Ken Forsythe had given me when I joined Alpha company, "Peabody". Still remember Jesse Leos, Sgt. Perry and Pringle. A few others whose names I'm not sure of. I was platoon RTO for a long time and I always set up with the the Lt. and medic, that's probably why I don't remember but a few of the guys. I was probably a pain in the ass that nobody wanted to remember. Jeeze, I don't even remember what platoon we were in or the names of the 3 LT's and medics that we went through.

So long "Tex", it was an honor serving with you. 
Danny "Peabody" Straessle (Nov.'70-Dec.'71)


This a great website! I have sent this website to friends of mine and they are so honored to be able to have this website. They send me messages all the time about how they are so drawn to the website. One friend, who did not serve, tells me all the time how much he has learned about Nam from this site and how proud he is of us.

Our three brothers who have left us would be very proud of the website. Gloria and I are making plans to be in San Antonio for the 2008 reunion.

God bless you and all the Alpha Avengers,



Thanks for a great web site! As we approach Veteran's Day 2007, 
I salute the men of A Company, 2nd Battalion, 501st Infantry for their service 
to the nation, the United States Army, and most importantly, to fellow Avengers. I remain humbled, proud, and deeply honored to have been an Avenger commander to many of the finest patriots this nation has ever produced. God bless you and your families this Veteran's Day 2007 and never ever forget those we lost.  Brigadier General (Ret) James E. Mitchell, USA.


There is no one who I have more respect for than our soldiers who put themselves in harms way for the benefit of their countrymen. They are the greatest and bravest of all. 
May God bless you all. 
Gerald McVay


Thanks for your service.  I have more of an appreciation now that my son is serving.


Thanks for sharing, I love this website. Please tell Bob we are grateful for him too! 
Thank you from the Ware’s.

Bob, great hearing from you! I'm humbled by your kind words and it was my honor to have served as your company commander in A Company while in Viet Nam. All of you are truly a vital part of the long line of great patriots who have answered the call of our nation and your sacrifices, under the harshest conditions, are a testament to the greatness of our nation. Unfortunately, most of our citizens fail to recognize the price you and countless others have made in service to our country. I, for one, take nothing you and other veterans did for granted and will be forever grateful and privileged to have walked the ground you walked on. You, like all those who served in A Company, are a special breed of men and I will forever remember each of you fondly. 

As for me, I took the lessens learned from each of you in A Company and charged on until retiring after 30+ years in the uniform. I'd change few things over the course of my career, given the change, and if I could do it all over again I'd enlist tomorrow! Career wise, I stayed in light infantry assignments and operational staff jobs almost totally. I ended up commanding 4 infantry companies, a light infantry battalion, and a light infantry brigade. In between commands and formal schooling I was a battalion S3, division G3, Chief of Current Operations for the Army in the Pentagon, and Deputy Director of Operations for the National Military Command Center, the Joint Staff. I also managed to complete assignments as the Deputy Commander for Operations and Deputy Commander for Support for the 25th Infantry Division, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.  I certainly will put the A Company reunion dates on my schedule for next summer and will make every effort to attend.  Again, great hearing from you and I look forward to continuing the dialogue. 

Warmest Regards,
BG(Ret) Ed Mitchell


Dianne & Pam,

I would like to thank you both for the time you spent on the site, it is fantastic. I know it had to take numerous hours of time and thought but it certainly paid off.

Ned, LT Houghton and Tex would be very proud of both of you. Linda and I are making plans for the San Antonio reunion  but know it won’t be quite the same without the 3 of them. Again thanks and I know all of the Alpha avengers are thankful as well.

Jim Sims

Bardstown, KY







Pam & Dianne Great job on the new Website SALUTE to You !! 

Thank you. Wayne Smyly

11-69 -10-70

3rd Platoon


This is April Blakeslee, Ray Houghton's daughter. I saw the website over the weekend, and it is absolutely wonderful! I was crying the whole time I was looking at it. It was such a wonderful tribute to my Dad, Ned, and Tex. Really, really wonderful. It was hard to see it at the same time; I still can't believe my Dad is gone. It just doesn't seem like it could be possible. But it's so nice to know he had such friends that cared that much about him to do such a wonderful tribute. So thank you from all of us.








A wonderful website. Thank you to all of our Nam Vets for their service to our country. God Bless.

John Bouvier

Owensboro, KY


Thank you for a job "WELL DONE." A Tribute to Vietnam Vets. It's really hard for many to understand that fighting for someone else's freedom is fighting for our own. Please click on the following:



Great Job. Makes us proud to be from "Hard Luck Alpha" after all.

Best Regards to all.

Bob Nichol

Staff Sgt DEROS Aug, 1970 3d Platoon


Specials E-4 May 70 to Jan 71 Richard Olson, good website. Proud Eagle. 
Veteran of Firebase Henderson and Ripcord. 
Would like to name Richard Timmos as All Gave Some award. 
God Bless all Eagles.


What a beautiful tribute to our heroes! Great work on the website. I look forward to coming back for updates.

With much appreciation for all those who have served and are serving....

The Brice Family...Chuck, Sue, Mike & Caitlyn



What a wonderful memorial 
for your loved ones! Great job! Betty Slaveski



Beautiful website! Dianne, I passed it on to the rest of the family especially the two that fought in "Nam"

Love & Prayers to all the families..

God Bless America

Susie H



Dear Avengers and Friends,

Words are inadequate to thank you, and to reveal my deepest gratitude to you all for the kindness shown in the passing of my husband, Ned Kintzer.  Your prayers, love, phone calls, e-mails, cards and letters, and contributions given in memory of Ned have made my heart focus on thanksgiving  to God for such precious friends.

A special word of thanks to fellow Avengers, Avery Dalton and his family, for driving the long distance to attend Ned's funeral in N.C., 
and to Glen Means for attending the memorial service in PA. Also, a sincere thank you to Bob Morris, Avenger Past President, 
for sending a beautiful letter which was read at both Ned's funeral and memorial services.

The passing of Ned has dealt a life-altering blow to me and my family, but we will continue to "DRIVE ON".

With sincere appreciation,

Dianne Kintzer and Family



Welcome to our new website. We are all excited to hear from everyone.

Bob and Pam Morris



To Whom It May Concern:

 I served with 1st Plt A Co 2/501st Infantry 101st Airborne in Vietnam from 31 August 1971 to 15 February 1972.

1. How do I become a member?
2. Also, I have all of my Nam pictures (170+ in .jpg format) as well as my "Task Force 2/501 - Drive On - Phu Bai -- Cam Ranh Bay Republic of Vietnam 1971-1972" Yearbook. 

If interested in receiving .jpg pictures of all, I can mail you a CD containing such. I also have copies of my medal awards orders etc.
(listing other comrades), if interested as well.

Please advise.

Yours truly,

Robert O'Bryan

P.S. I am a member of the following veterans organizations (in reserve chronological order):

  • Non Commissioned Officers Association of the United States of America

  • Present; Regular Life Member No. 004182909

  • Combat Infantrymens Association (04 Present, Life Member No. 5382TXL0804-LIFE

  • Vietnam Veterans of America (02 Present, Life Member No. 263979)

  • Chapter 685101st Airborne Division Association, Inc. Life Member No. LM3976

  • The American Legion (83 - Present, "Paid-Up-For-Life Card No. 56417 Post 89, Dpt. TX, Texas City, TX

  • Veterans Of Foreign Wars (VFW) of the United States (82 - Present, Life Member No. 436449), Assistant Adjutant 83 - 84 [VFW Post 5400, Alta Loma,TX


Robert E. and Mayet B. O'Bryan
555 Cedar Fork Drive
League City, TX 77573-9051

SSG Ross, 2nd Plt 2/501st - April 30, 1970 to  November 1970. FSB Henderson and FSB Ripsord. 

Please contact at the following:

 David L. Ross 1sg (Ret) US Army
 4019 Ashland City Road
 Clarksville, TN 37043

I am trying to get a message to Clifton Whitaker. I have just found this site and I served with him in 1968. I was in third platoon Alpha Co and my platoon was walking point for him on 20 July 1968. He asked me to walk point man for him that day and after exhaustion, he gave me a break with Evans ( "Cool Pappa") and Gibson both listed as KIA on 20 July 1968. As we scaled a steep mountain I was third man when "Cool Pappa" and Gibson were cut down by an enemy machine gun ambush. The rounds barely missed me as I had just crossed over the crest line. As I dove for cover a trip wire caught me around the neck and I cringed as I hit the ground waiting for the blast.

 I looked in amazement at an old chicomb grenade strapped to a tree as it spewed and sputtered, it was a dud. After realizing we were separated from the platoon and that no help was coming, with God's Grace I was able to crawl forward to "Cool Pappa" against the machine gun fire. Somehow the rounds just wouldn't hit me. When I got to him and realizing how bad his wounds were, I lifted him up and carried him running back down the trail just as a sniper opened up on us. Lieutenant Whitaker had made it up to the crest line and met me when I got there with "Cool Pappa." The sniper's rounds were hitting all around us while we were talking. The Medic, James Cleveland took a round and died on the spot just a few meters away. I told Lieutenant Whitaker that I had promised Gibson that I would go back for him.

His wounds were so bad that I straddled him on all fours and crawled back and drug him back through the sniper fire. I got him back alive. It was a tough and tragic day for us that day. I learned later that both "Cool Pappa" and Gibson went into shock on the Medivac and died enroute to the hospital.

I was devastated that they died and I lived. Lieutenant Whitaker put me in for a Silver Star. I actually didn't get it until after I came home. I wanted to thank him. After I came back with Gibson, Lieutenant Whitaker was amazed that I made it back alive and told me he wanted to talk to me later and get the details and wanted to know how I had accomplished getting them out. Sir, I am reporting the details to you now and it was by the grace of God that I survived that day. "Cool Pappa" had begged me to get him to his family. He saw them standing back down the trail where I carried him and Gibson had made me promise that I would not leave him there for the enemy.

I offered my life to fulfill their promises. God chose not to take mine at that time. I didn't see Lieutenant Whitaker again after that day. I think he had 11 days left and he left on one of the Medivacs that day and I never  saw him again. 
I live in Dunn, North Carolina.

God Bless You,
Perry A. Lewis

2nd/501st Alpha Company Third Platoon

From : <barth @>
Sent : Tuesday, January 2, 2007 8:05 PM
Subject : 1971 and on

My name is Barth Cunico and I proudly served under the leadership of Lt. Joe Hooper's Alpha Company, 2nd 501st. My tour of duty in Vietnam was Feb 1971 through Feb 1972. I was in the fox hole/crater when Pete Winter took a direct from an enemy mortar round. SSGT Wentworth and I flew from the rear to the firebase the first time we went to the bush. 

Best Regards,


From : <DMRB2501 @>
Sent : Saturday, July 15, 2006 4:19 PM
Subject : CHECK IT OUT


DAVE REINHEIMER B 2/501 68-69.....

B2501AIRBORNE.COM......&&& ..

From : Ron Craig <hiker @>
Sent : Wednesday, June 15, 2005 3:04 PM
Subject : FSB Airborne
Alpha Avengers,

I have been looking at your website for quite a while now and with a great deal of interest. I passed through FSB Airborne on May 22, 1969, as D/2/506 patrolled the area as part of operation Apache Snow. What adds to my interest, though, is the fact that my platoon was security on the perimeter adjacent the battalion aid station on the FSB (I don’t remember its name) that the casualties from Airborne were brought to for treatment. It was a sad and moving sight that I shall never forget. Wounded solders, some very badly, were laying all over the place in a triage that was nothing more than the bare earth. My platoon and the mess company helped move the wounded from choppers to the surgeon’s tent. They worked hard and with compassion, and I was, and am, proud of them.

I have attached pictures of the battalion surgeon (again, name unknown) and a Russian 106, which had been unearthed and was on the FSB. The surgeon was awarded the Silver Star for his Herculean efforts in saving many lives. He deserved it, and more! If you can identify the surgeon and the FSB, or either one, I would really appreciate hearing from you (or even if you can’t). If you are interested in the pictures, feel free to use either one.

Ron Craig

Indianapolis, Indiana

D/2/506 1969


Oct 25 2010






Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 2009 1:04 PM
Subject: Re: Firebase Airborne

Merry Christmas Jennifer and family and Pam and family!  I hope all is well with you all and you are enjoying this wonderful Christmas Season. I haven't talked with either of you in some time but wanted to let you know the Tennessee Highway Commission recently approved the memorial sign for my friend Cleabern Hill Jr that was killed on Firebase Airborne. We hope to have a nice service and dedicate the memorial signs on Hwy 142 this spring here in our little small town of  Stantonville, Tennessee.

I still have been researching and reading as much as I can about this battle. Jennifer if you have any reading info or anything along that line that you once mentioned, I still would love to read it. I would also like to get in touch with Ken Counts if either of you have an address or phone number. I would like to write him first and maybe send a copy of the letter he wrote to Junior's parents just after he was killed. I don't want to bring up any bad memories for him but I sure would like to talk to him sometime. I did get a nice e-mail sometime back from Capt Gordon Johnson and he did remember Junior although not too well. He remembered they both grew up on farms, Capt Johnson from Ky and Junior from Tn.  I know he had many men to keep up with and couldn't possibly remember them all.  Again I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

Ronnie Fullwood

Dec 12, 2009

Hey, Shortround. Thanks for passing along the photos. "Bro Coon" was one of my favorite guys. He was a friendly guy, and never gave me any crap, even tho I had to assign some pretty unpleasant duties to him. I was never comfortable calling him Bro Coon, and called him by his real name... Crosby Lanham, even tho he preferred his nickname. "Sgt. Ed" and Lt. Guill were real quality guys and were still with the unit at Phu Bai when I ETS'd. Any idea what became of them ? Anyone hear from the "Douche" ?
My duffle bag got lost somewhere between Da Nang and Seattle, so the only photos I have are the ones I sent home. I'll try to post some when I go back to Ca. in the spring. Do you happen to recall the name of the firebase near Phu Bai, that was brand new, having just been built for the ARVNs to take over ? It was so new, the rats hadn't even taken over the bunkers yet. I have some pictures from there, and can't, for the life of me, remember the name of that place. You and your family have a cool Yule. Rick

Nov 23, 2009

Barth (Shortround),

My name is Jimmy (Jumping Jim) Williams. Do you remember me?? We served together in Alpha Co. 2nd Platoon 2nd Bat./ 501st Infantry in Vietnam. I hung around with Bob (Rock) Saul and Wayne (Bear) Anderson. I was looking at the Alpha Avenger website and saw your post from several years ago. I don't know if this is still a good e-mail address for you but thought I would try it and say hello.

Rock called me recently to catch up and tell me about the upcoming reunion. Apparently I have been a lost Avenger but am now back in the fold and a member of our organization.

My wife and I are planning to attend the reunion in Charleston next summer. This will be my first reunion and I am looking forward to seeing some old friends. Are you going to be there? It would be great to see you.

I took a lot of pictures in Vietnam and have at least one of you. If you would like I could scan and try to send you a few.

Where are you now and what have you been doing the last 38 years??

I have been a PGA Golf Professional at 3 different golf clubs in S.W. Virginia the past 30 years and am semi-retired now. I still give golf lessons and play quite a bit but am no longer working at a club. (website below) I have 2 great sons 3 grandkids and a fantastic wife, life is good.

Hope you get this and would love to hear from you.

Jimmy -
............PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS!!..........

Jimmy Williams, PGA
Christiansburg, Virginia

PGA Professionals-"The Experts in the Game & Business of Golf"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 3:34 PM
Subject: Info on Vietnam KIA Friend

Hi Pam!

It was so good to talk to Bob the other night on the phone. Please tell him how much I appreciate him taking the time and talking about such a delicate matter. I do hope to gather up all my info, letters, and photos and maybe come to the next reunion. I did get in touch via e-mail with Capt Gordon Johnson who was my friend's company commander and he too was very nice and informative. Of course he had so many men under his command he could not remember very many specifics about my friend, Junior. I really want to write or talk to Sgt Ken Counts since he was Junior's squad leader and would probably know much more. Bob suggested when I write Ken Counts maybe I could send a copy of the condolence letter he wrote to Juniors Mother just after he was killed on Firebase Airborne. Ken explained in his letter how Junior was killed and about sending some of his personal effects. I just think he would remember much more if I could contact him and maybe even send a photo of Junior. You had said you thought you had his address or phone number and I would sure like to have them if you don't mind. I just think it might be better to write him first so he can think about things and not be caught off guard with a phone call. Thanks again for all your help.

Ronnie Fullwood

Monday, October 12, 2009 3:55 PM
Subject: Fw:
Vietnam KIA Friend in Co A 501st 101st airborne

Dear Pam and Gordon

I am a dentist in Selmer, Tn and I got your e-mail addresses from Jennifer Gaines who had an uncle killed at Fire Base Airborne. I think I may have e-mailed you once before Pam but I am not sure if you got this so I will just forward the old message to both of you. My best friend growing up was Cleabern Hill Jr and he was also killed in that same battle on May 13, 1969 . He was in first platoon Co A 501st and carried the M60 machine gun (I have a photo of him holding the M60 just a few days before he was killed).  Jennifer has done quite a bit of research and has shared some of her info with me in recent months. I have several letters from my friend Cleabern Hill Jr and also some sympathy letters just after his death from a Sgt Ken Counts and from Capt Gordon Johnson ( Gordon, I am hoping you are the same Capt Johnson). Jennifer tells me there is a website for those in this unit called alpha avengers (she gave me the site) and she also told me there is a reunion planned again for 2010. I sure would like to visit that reunion and bring some old photos and letters and just talk to some of the guys that were there and might have known my friend. I am not sure if outside visitors are allowed to these reunions or if they can communicate thru the website.

I am also currently spearheading a project in which we are going to dedicate a five mile section of Hwy 142 near Stantonville,Tn in memory of Cleabern. (Each end of the section will have nice memorial state highway signs) We already have the approval of the Tennessee State Legislature and we hope to dedicate and have a nice memorial service this spring of 2010 when we unveil the signs. I really wish we could have some of his old Vietnam Veterans come to this ceremony if some lived fairly close and I could get in touch with them.

I always worry that some of these veterans out there may not want to re-live those bad memories and I sure respect them for that and I would never want to hurt any feelings. I just want to contact any of those willing to share any photos, info or stories about my friend. I hope to hear from you all. Thanks so much!                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ronnie Fullwood



From: john []
Sent: Saturday, August 08, 2009 7:16 AM
Subject: boonie rats

hi, my name is john cudd.
i served with bn hhq originally and was assigned to different co's during '68, shipped over with the brigade in '67.
i'm sending a pic i took of some of the guys. sorry i can't remember the co. we were with at the time. could have been alpha, i am looking to put names on this picture. i really have tried to forget over the years, but now am trying to remember. mission impossible i think. thank you all, and god bless you. you are forever in my heart, even though i can't remember diddly, but a few incidents.

sincerely, john

NOTE: John was with HHC and Delta 2/501 

Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 2009 3:11 PM
Vietnam KIA Friend in Co D 501st 101st airborne

 I am writing to see if anyone might know or have any info on my best friend and next door neighbor, PFC Cleaburn William Hill Jr., who was killed in Vietnam in the battle of Fire Base Airborne on May 13,1969. His grave marker states that he was in Co.D /2 501st Infantry 101st Airborne but for some reason I think he was listed in Co A /2 501st 101st airborne as a KIA casualty in the battle of Fire Base Airborne on May 13, 1969. Maybe he had been transferred from one company to another as a fill in ? I have several letters from him that I  have saved, some even from Vietnam. He arrived there in early April  of 69' so he was only there about 6 weeks before he was killed. For many years I was devastated and I just didn't want to know anything and I have never looked up his military record but now that I am older I would like to find out all I can about his experiences in Vietnam and any of  those he  may have known  while in service. He was only 20 years old and I was 4 years younger and all we knew about from our rural west Tennessee farms was cows, horses and tractors. I often think about how lost he must have felt and like me he had probably never been 100 miles from home before going to Vietnam.

 I did find the after action report on the internet about the battle of Fire Base Airborne and there was some names in that report. I found the list of casualties where Junior was listed as KIA.  I sure wish I could find someone that was there and knew Junior (That was the name we all knew him as).

I would appreciate any info or suggestions as to seeking more information about my dear old friend. Where might I find and get copies of his Military service, etc? Thanks so much in advance for any help. - Ronnie Fullwood

Feb 2009

I am hoping that someone out there may remember my uncle or know of someone I can get in touch with that does. His name was Robert Malecki and he served in Vietnam from 11-29-68 to 5-13-69. He was killed at Firebase Airborne on the 13th. His unit was A CO, 2nd BN, 501st Infantry, 101st Airborne. Anyone with any information about that area or people who may have known him, I would love to talk to you. Thank you for your time.

Jennifer Gaines

click on pics: McCoy1    McCoy2    McCoy3    McCoy4    McCoy5
From: Dawn []
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 3:06 AM
To: McCoy, Kalleen; Christine; Dad; Dean DiCarlo; Deborah DiCarlo; Mom
Subject: We made it...

Hi all!

We are back in Ha Giang. We loved the town of Dong Van so much that we extended our trip by one day. So we spent two nights in Dong Van instead of one. Definitely no internet there! It was pretty spectacular. We saw Muong women dressed in their costumes, two markets and a lot of amazing scenary! We have eaten with the well as drinking...they seem to really get a kick out of us! It's so funny because Vietnamese people are generally very petite people. So all the chairs that they use to sit-on for meals are one foot tall, plastic kids chairs. I'm not even kidding!

You would be hard pressed to find a regular chair around here! We drink local alcohol with dinner...basically moon-shine (either corn or from local fruit) that they poor into water bottles. Our guides would pour four shot-sized for each of us...then we would cheers (They say zyo!) and down the hatch! Then, locals would come to our table...only one person at a time...and they would ask our guide if they could have a drink with us.
They would pour a round, toast, drink then the local would shake our hands and leave. It was quite fun and funny!
Needless to say, we have been enjoying ourselves and getting some great pictures in the process.
I'll stop rambling for now. Tomorrow we are on our way back to Hanoi

The pictures I attached are from our first destination, Ba Be National Park. We went to the lake the first evening we arrived (the panoramic shot of the lake). Then, the next morning we got a two hour boat ride around the lake. It was beautiful and a lot of fun. The other panoramic view is of the rice paddies in Dong Van. Enjoy!

Stafford, William []

Looking for anyone who might remember me in summer  of 1970 . Was senior aide medic. I was wounded by mortar round loading wounded on chopper.

Doc Stafford

Doc Stafford

Sep 20, 2010

(A note from Pam Morris about her husband Bob):

I just wanted to thank everyone for all the prayers, thoughts, phone calls and concern while Bob has been in the hospital. This took us totally by surprise. Please please never ignore any possible heart attack warning signs. It could mean your life. We have been blessed that it was not Bob’s time to go see the Father. He has been given a second chance…..something so many do not get…….like my Dad earlier this year.
It was a complete nightmare and Bob had an abscessed tooth with a 105 fever that he was blaming his pains on. Could it have been some of his problem? Yes. Maybe…but bottom line there was something going on with his heart. I want to thank Dr. John Bivona who realized this was more than he could handle. Ran into a few problems after the ER sent us home Wednesday night. However, we were back on Thursday where we had some of the best nurses and doctors ever. We both are so thankful for our medical profession. At first they were worried the tooth infection might have spread to his heart valves so they checked that first but on Saturday morning, lab test confirmed he was having/had a heart attack and he was sent for heart catherazation. Some blockages were found but not enough to do anything other than treat with medicines. We will also be having some major HEALTHY lifestyle changes at the Morris home. Just wanted to make sure everyone knew what was going on. I know some have heard bits and pieces. He is weak and still a ways from being well but he has a nurse that is right by his side and loves him more than life itself. I may be ready to choke him soon but right now he’s been a great patient.
Thank you again and please continue to remember us in your prayers.
Love you all,

Aug 12, 2010

Patrick Graves wrote the following:

Would like to talk with anyone that was in this company during January – August 1969. Saw post from Ron Craig but his email address is bad. Ron, you out there?

Ron had left a post in 2007 about the casualties coming into FSB Blaze from the May 13th sapper attack on FSB Airborne. That message can be found on the "Archives" page.

Aug 2, 2010

Thank you for this website.

Phillip C. Wade
E/2/501 1971 Recon Bastogne, Rifle, Cam Rohn Bay

Wade Tech, LLC
PO Box 6614
Dothan, Al 36302
334-446-0445 P/F

Aug 1, 2010

Unknown Firebase Photos

Could the Fire Base been Eagles Nest. It was a lookout during Hamberger Hill period. I am old Bco2nd501stinf

Walter Bouman
951-285-3285 Cell

Jul 22, 2010

hello Barth i was at pistol for thanksgiving in 69 it was a very small firebase no action so it was closed up in a few months i believe iwas in1st 501st running generators for como with a guy from East St Lewis ill. named jim wiegard also at pistol I am not much for typing not in any vet orginasations my wife works at a vet ctr it is a nursing home for vets she enjoys working there helping the old guys went to the wall for rolling thunder a few times always enjoyed it. will dig out my pictures and have me daughter send them to you tell me about yourself i was at lz sally and camp eagle 69 70 talk to you again joe sparrow 815 meade st dunmore pa 18512 570 342 0842 worked hard last 40 yrs still think i can out work most 20 yr olds had a auto body shop 35 yrs now work with my son excavating and demolition did a few jobs in a army depot locaL ALWAYS FELT A LITTLE HOME THERE


Jul 22, 2010

Doc Stafford’s comment on 7/12/10 left out the fact that due to heavy ground fire he and other wounded Alpha Avengers were not able to be air lifted out for several days, we needed to secure a surrounding hilltop and establish an LZ.

“Doc” will also find a picture of himself that was taken on FSB Brick (Brian Eveleth photo’s top row far right), in that same picture with Doc Stafford is Dave Schmidli and Rich Johnson, both were also wounded during the same timeframe and sent stateside ---the mission which was to relieve 2/506 on Hill 902 near FSB Ripcord.

Brian Eveleth 70-71

PS. Also attached another picture that I took of Doc at FSB Brick.
(I posted this pic on the "Firebases page" - Shortround)

Jul 12, 2010

I am amazed that it is 40 years ago I was hit on July 4, 1970 on some long forgotten hill is the ashu valley.

Doc Stafford. Airborne

Alpha company 2/501 101st airborne division

Jul 9, 2010


I have a new email address that you can post on the Avengers website:

Roger J. Barski 773-259-1923

Jun 2, 2010

Hello from Bob Reynolds, served in Nam, A Co. 2nd of 501st with my assistant gunner Danny Kohl from Colorado. He was killed the night before he was to go on R&R to meet his wife and baby he'd never seen. Why is he not listed In Memory section for those killed in Vietnam? I Left Nam in April 1970. I believe he was killed in early 1970. Please look into this. His name is on the Wall at the Vietnam memorial.

Thank You, Bob Reynolds -

May 26, 2010

Hello. My name is Leiah Zaragoza. I am the niece of Victor Zaragoza, the inaugural recipient of your "Some Gave All" award. I never had the honor of meeting my uncle in person, since he died about five years before I was born. But, for as long as I can remember, my dad (Victor's older brother Joe) has had a unwavering devotion to keeping my uncle's memory alive. So much so that I have always felt as if I knew him personally. Ever since I was a little girl, I have felt a reverence for my uncle and for the sacrifices he made for so many in Vietnam.

My family is running a memorial ad this weekend to commemorate my uncle, which will run in our local newspaper, the Imperial Valley Press, this Sunday, May 30th. Since it honors all soldiers who have died for this county, my dad and I, who co-create this ad, would like to forward you a copy (attached). We would be honored if you shared it with those who knew him.

Thank you for your continued work, recognition and devotion to our heroes of the Vietnam War.

Leiah Zaragoza

For more about Victor's Some Gave All Award, click here.

May 9, 2010

Hey Man

I was with you and LT Hooper in the nam. They called me Reb, I was a redleg who took over as the platoon medic when Heinz go blowed away, along with LT Champlain (spelling). I remember when we got up f**ked up, and you told off CPT Zimmerman, or said something to him.

Hope this jogs some kind of memory

Dave "Reb" Sisney -

Apr 11, 2010

Barth, I have been in contact with James Lane from Ky, he was the one that told me about the website, I will send my $25.00 for membership due for this year. I was looking at the yearbook and came across some pictures that I remember, Larson, O'Tremba. Will look for some pictures that I have and will forward them, also, do you know if James Hunn has an email, I would like to contact him, if not, I will write him a note, he was my Lt., well got to go, will continue to scan the website for other "brothers".

Like to complete my address information on the website;

Jose R Mendoza
7520 Forest Edge
San Antonio, TX 78233
email **

Apr 7, 2010

Just wanted to say I was in Nam Jan 71 To Dec 71. I also was with Alpha 2/501. I was a 60 gunner in 4th plt. with SSG Hibbard. I am sure we ran into each other at some time. Again, welcome home.

Joseph Wilkins

Apr 4, 2010


Don't know if you rember me or not, my name is Jim Lane.
I went to 2nd plt in Aug of 71, flown out to the field in the firebase rifle AO. Saw your address on the averengers site and thought I would write-------now can't think of much to say. Any way if I ring a bell let me hear from you.

Jim (AKA Turkey, You Yankee named me)

Mar 28, 2010

I'm looking for Dale Lewis email address in vietnam. Can you help? Tom.
Thomas Hook []

Jan 9, 2010

Name entry maker: Ann Marie Dombrowski
Email address:
Thank you all for serving. You''re all heroes, everyone one of you. God Bless

I''m Michael Dorch''s daughter. He''s my hero

Jan 5, 2010

John Cudd: HHC and Delta 2/501 Ron Betts: HHC S/2 2/501 Avenging Brothers When I get a complete list of the originals Ill b able to make contact for you on maybe 6, 8, or 10 of them that are missing maybe. Could u send me a list of the present and accounted for when u get a chance. I do appreciate the job that u r doing. First Sgt Brander was a fine man. Did u know him? I only had minimal contact with Joe Hooper. It was very informal. What a repertoire he had. He dwarfs me. I have had encounters with people in some wierd and unexpected places in my life. Now we are coming together Barth. God bless you.
PS Was the original Company Commander from brunswick GA. Could u please tell me his name or last known address if u have it please? If u ever need help or assistance with anything let me know.

Michael Dorch -

Jan 4, 2010

From: Michael Dorch

I'm from Tampa Fl not Panama City Fl. My name is Michael E Dorch not Michael F Dorch. I personally knew Joe Hooper.. The day he got his CMH I got a ACM/V. Went from PVT to SGT real fast. I had the pleasure of talking to first Sgt Brander a couple months before he died. I was an original in 67. I need a favor. I need to know my COs name its important. Is he from Brunswick Ga. I salute you for the work you are doing Sir. Do you think u can give a special website salute to Lowell Lockhart from Whitwell Tn. I apreciate this very much. If u would like to know my background with the company go to

phou yen was a lot of inglorious bastards. Which i say with utmost respect and admirability. If u hear from anybody from 2nd platoon or the whole company please give them my email address. Would like to hear from them. 24/7 Geronimo. Im in Alvin TX now. (813) 363 8393 Thank you Shortround. Eagleeyez Sgt ret Michael E Dorch. 


Dec 29 2010

Hello and Happy New Year to you. Your website was sent to me by Stephen Folstrum. He was a platoon leader with Brovo Company. I was a platoon leader with Charlie Company then
took over a Mobil Training Team. I was called back to take over a platoon with you guys, Alpha Company. Below is a newspaper article that was written when I returned from Nam. I
hope I did this right.

The article pretty much details most of my experience in Nam. Since I wasn't with the Company but for a few days, I really don't remember too many names. After I got hit on
Henderson and came out of the hospital, I was assigned as Batallion S2. I was also on Ripcord when we got over run and evacuated. I hope this get thru to you. Great job with the
website. Many thanks for putting it all together. Hope to hear back from you. God Bless.

1Lt (Former) Lyn Hargrave
Platoon Leader, Charley and Alpha Co.
Batallion S2
2/501; 101st Airborne/Airmobile Div

"Keep from people who try to belittle your ambition...
Small people always do that. But the really great people make you feel that, you too can become great." -- Mark Twain

Lyn Hargrave

Nov 28, 2010

Shortround, My name is Zbigniew P Adamczyk , also known as PORKY , A nickname given to me by Ken Forsythe out in the bush. After 40 years I finally build up some courage to get
on 101st abn sites to see what I can find. Scrolling on to the alpha 2/501 abn I was amazed at what I was missing all these years! ALL THE PICTURES FACES NAMES and firebases
that I knew was just overwhelming. I am so sorry that I waited all these years. You probably don't remember me ,but I remember when I first saw you. It was just outside of firebase
Bastonge where we were clearing and blowing up ammo dumps that we found. One night it was still light out sgt Vodica , Forsythe, Peapody, and a couple other guys and I were playing
poker when all hell broke loose. One of the squads that you were in were going out on night ambush and came into contact. I remember scrambling and crawling looking for my weapon
. Also a TV crew came out took film footage and did an interview with you. This all happened in the middle to the end of March and early April 1971. A day or two later we were
choppered back to firebase Bastonge.

In the morning we were choppered out to a hot lz .never landed back to Bastonge and helicoptered back to a empty firebase took lots of incoming and cassualties. Then we were picked
up by choppers at the bottom of the empty firebase and flown to another hill. Couple days later I was told to pack my gear. I was going home for 30 day emergency leave. I never
returned to vietnam. I applied for a hardship discharge and received an honorable discharge at FT SHERIDAN IL in June 1971. I saw you being interviewed on the tv show 1st Tuesday
and my squad and others were shown on tv in early March 1971. After that tv show I felt total guilt and shame for not returning back to Vietnam even after 40 years I still feel guilt, I
guess that's why I'm a lost avenger. THANKS, I hope I haven't bored you. I would love to join the Avengers. Talk with the many brave men I had the honor to serve with.

Thank you and all the other Brave men and women who have served our Great Country. I would enjoy the opportunity to communicate with you and others who served. Please feel free
to contact me if you too, feel the same.

God Bless You and God Bless America!

(on a final note, I go under the name of Bill here in the states)

Zbigniew Paul Adamczyk Sr. a.k.a. Bill

(another note from Zbigniew Paul Adamczyk)

I was in the 1st platoon, 1st Squad. Sgt. Vadicka was our platoon leader. I would appreciate if you would put my name into the Guestbook. I have some photos from my time in Nam and
would share them with you. I will have one of my sons post the photos. I don't quite now how to do that. Some of the names of guys from my squad are Danny (Peabody) Straessle, our
RTO. Ken Forsythe, Jim McBride, Cunningham and Jessie Lagos. I do not remember our squad leaders name. I think I recall playing cards with Tex in the bush

It is really great to

talk with you. It's been 40 years so I have talked with anyone from the 101st. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.


Merry Christmas. Any one out there have photos of Firebase Airborne especially the upper knoll. I am also looking for medal presentation orders for May 13, 1969 on Airborne to either Alpha or Echo Companies. Happy New Year. Mark Weston

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