Miscellaneous letters shared by fellow Avengers and their families.

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After Action Report

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This is an after action report on Operation Texas Star, the operation which included the battles of Re-up Hill, Fire Base Granite and Fire Base Henderson. Guess who took the most casualties? Of course this info was never classified now, was it? -- Alan Wendt





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My precious Grandma Combs penned the following poem while I was overseas. The star in the window is a tradition from World War II. When soldiers went to war, their families displayed the flag with a blue star in their window. If the soldier was killed, a new flag with a gold star took its place.

Grandma's Window

He placed a star in our window.
Itís a beautiful star of blue.
That star has a very deep meaning.
It hangs there dear Barth just for you

Thereís a million stars in heaven.
They are as beautiful as can be.
But this star thatís in our window.
itís so beautiful, donít you see

That star hangs there for our dear grandson.
Who is going so many miles away.
And may it never be changed to gold.
And may he come marching home to stay

And he will never be forgotten.
We will pray for him each day.
May the dear Father up in heaven.
Lead him and keep him safe, and show him the way.