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Thank you for the opportunity to post this listing on your guest book or other communications to your members. I was in-country March 1967 - March 1968 with 1st Brigade, working
with all of our fighting battalions, 1/327/ 2/327 and 2/502, plus support organizations.

We are members of the Missouri Gateway Chapter, 101st Airborne Division Association. We are a newly formed chapter reaching out for new members. We have grown from 5 members
to 35 the last three months of 2011. We are seeking Screaming Eagle veterans and active duty members throughout the state of Missouri and southern Illinois where it forms part of the
St. Louis Metropolitan area. Also their family members and friends of the 101st as associate members.

For a membership application and to learn more about our members and goals, visit out work-in-progress website,

For more information, contact me:

Barry Hana
Missouri Gateway Chapter
101st Airborne Division Association

Let me know, please, if you can provide us names of any Missouri/Southern Illinois vets. Thank you for all you do -- and "Welcome Home" to you and all those in Alpha Company,

Barry Hana

In regards to the next post, Gregory Bucknor (who was on FB Airborne during this incident) reports:

I talked to Roger Barski and he says Cpt Gates was with Headquarters Company (H/HC) and may have been with the TOC when we got hit. I'm not sure of his source, but he says he'll
try to get more info.

Steve Ganshert -

I am writing a memorial for CPT Gates, recently deceased. In a note earlier this year he spoke of shining Strobe Lights on the enemy so the gunship could aim properly. He said there
was a medal presented the morning after at HQ which I am trying to verify since it wasn't on his DD214.

from his email earlier this year

0420 hrs. We got over run. At least a battalion of gooks swept down from the high ground to the East. Very long story a bit shorter. Ran around scared to death trying to shore up our
positions. Charged into the BN CP to find total chaos. Swiped a radio/operator and two strobe lights and we proceeded to squat down on top of the CP bunker. Made contact with Puff
the Magic Dragon, he spotted our strobes, and I directed fire 100M due east of the strobe on a NO-SO line. We had a few words about the proximity and just how damned accurate I
thought he was. I told him that, for a guy named Puff, he shouldn't be so sensitive. And, besides, we already had gooks inside that 100M envelope. God, he was good. Just a rain of fire
right where we needed it. Fast forward to morning. 21 KIA. Body bags being stacked on the LIZ. I'm directing the clean-up when one of my men brings me a 105 shell box. Inside was
the severed leg of one of my men. Cut from the knee down, boot still laced. Who knows who it was? I told him to toss it on the fire we had built to assist in the cleanup. I'm sick with grief.

Roger Barski

Tell your story for the historical record:

If you are a survivor for the battle of FSB Airborne (more) and would like to be interviewed for an upcoming magazine article and possible book about the attack, please contact me
(SSgtBarski) at the following email address for further details.

Also, the 101st Abn Div is putting together a written history of awards from WWII, Vietnam, etc., for the BSM and higher. They are looking for all personal award citations that veterans
and/or families have to submit (more). I will send you a copy of the information request and who to contact. The trooper in-charge is stationed at Ft. Campbell and is feverously working
on getting as many of the names and citations as possible so it can be published for the official 101st historical record. He's for real and I've dealt with him for the last year.


Roger J. Barski


Fellow troopers, I was assigned to Alpha April 70, FSB Henderson was my baptism. I would like info on your reunions , newsletter or any other material. I live in Galveston, Tx.. I know
it has been 40 plus years, but 4-29-70 comes to memory most everyday.

God bless Alpha 2-501 - Fred Henderson

I was a pathfinder in the 101st 1969 and helped on some of these firebases and was on others I have some pictures of Fury, and Thor I believe. We were attached to the 160th aviation
group. We were air traffic control on the firebases as well as opening them up usually on combat assaults we were 2 man teams who went in and helped open, as take down trees and
control air sorties coming in of equipment as bull dozers and such. Have quite a few photos as well as a video of a combat assault when we opened up FB THOR I believe a 2nd time, it is
on 8MM but I am thinking of converting it.

Lawrence W. Dawson

Sent: Sun 2/13/2011 10:37 PM
Subject: Awards

I notice in the awards information that 2/501 was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation - 10–21 May 69 and Meritorious Unit Citation Do these awards include all companies I was in
A Company 1967-1968 HHC 68-69
Doug Keefauver
Date: Fri 2/11/2011 1:48 AM
From: Neal Schwartz []
Subject: Firebases

See Attached…. FSB’s you’re missing on the site…

If I get the opportunity and have any good pictures of any of the other FSB’s we occupied I’ll send you photos. Let me know if you use them.

1LT (Neal) Schwartz
“B” Btry 1st Battalion 83rd Artillery
Oct 68 – Aug 69

NOTE from Shortround: I added Neal's photos to our web and you can find his comments on the "Firebases" page under "LZ Sally", Firebase Roy", and "Firebase Jack".

Date: Thu 2/10/2011 2:05 PM
From: karl dobrosczcyk []
Subject: like to send pics????

Was In 1st. Platoon from April to December 71. Came up with half a dozen of guys from 25th infantry.. Is that doable?? have done a great job on this site. Take care....
sincerely ... Karl Dobroszczyl.
Fri 1/28/2011 2:19 PM
Ross Donnell []
Subject: FB Granite - April 29, 1970

About two years ago, I came across your site while searching for information about the fight for Granite on April 29th, 1970. I was part of the Sensor Platoon out of Division and
operated in two and three man teams across the Division AO. I had been on Granite for three days establishing a monitoring site when I received orders to pick up my security on the
Fire Base LZ. It was a weak platoon from “Alfa”. We spent the day somewhere in a valley below the Maureen Ridge Line inserting sensors which would hopefully detect “Charlies”
movements during the night hours. We returned to Granite about dusk. Shortly, therefore; the first claymore let go on the perimeter and of course you know the rest of the story. The
two of us left our position just below the mortar pit and immediately took up positions next to the mortar crew. The first satchel charge got my friend and the second took the mortar
tube and crew. When the second satchel and/or RPG hit all I can remember seeing was the tube being blown end over end into the air along with one of the crew. It took me a few
seconds to comprehend that I was still amongst the living and thankfully only had a few shrapnel holes and burns in which to contend with.

To make a long story short and now forty one years later, I have never forgotten “Alfa” and to this day have a deep affinity for all the guys in the Company. I have always been
saddened, however; to learn after spending a month in the hospital at Cam Ranh, that “Alfa” had to endure FB Henderson.

Best of luck to all of you! “Alfa” will always be in my thoughts and prayers.

Ross Donnell
Leawood, Kansas
Wed 1/26/2011 11:14 PM
From: Greg Duffy []
Subject: Locating Tony Dockus

Tony was my Sergeant in Alpha C. 2nd 501st 101st in Nam Jan.- May 1970 . Around Phu Bai, Hue. etc. I was shot April 19th 1970. I got a letter from Tony 2 years later telling me what
happened to me after I had gotten a couple shots of morphine from the medics and (fell asleep) I still have the letter. He wrote about being dropped from the medivac. It's very important
that I get in contact with him.

Email address is
My address is 126 Ridge Lane Mankato, Minnesota, 56001
My phone is 507-388-8312

If anyone out there can help me, I would sure appreciate it.

God bless you and the 101st. Sincerely, Greg Duffy
Wed 1/26/2011 5:49 PM
From: stumpjumper1 []
from edward j hazelgreen known as heavy email address stump jumper phone 706 344 2651 in ga.gainesville
Subject: was in 2nd/501st 69 to70 a /co 2nd plt
i was on re up hill granite and had supply sarg job when henderson got hit also the day befoe lt hackett and victor z got killed my squad was the 1st ones toland on the l z . when we
walked off lz my point man james marshles got killed and had wild rocket from gun ship wound i think 5 more men the next day is when vic and hack got hit and i think 12 or 13 men got
wounded.i was next to bishop hunter and reilly when we got hit on granite. any way i come across sight and liked what you put on it the guy hunter as i known him that was with biship i
dont know if that was his real name i remember picking him up out side the wire that day would like to hear from some bodywell iguess i'll close for now never forgot the men i was with
1day i hope we will be together again heavy from new jerseycall me not to good on this thing yet still learning

Sat Jan 15 05:47:11 2011 (GMT).

Attention Firebase Airborne survivors and veterans:
The next Firebase Airborne reunion will be held May 13-14, 2011 at the Ramada Resort and Conference Center, located at 1700 West Hwy 76 in Branson, Missouri. Room rates are $54
/night for couples - mention 101st Airborne for this rate. Make reservations at 417-334-1000, or fax 417-339-3046 or go to A tour package for 5/14 is
available. For more info contact me at

Greg Bucknor,
3rd Plt 1969-70
Mon 1/10/2011 1:52 PMI was Battalion S-3 and we were assigned to HHC. When they sent us out we never knew who we would be with. I fought with Delta Company near the AnLo
bridge the evening of Feb. 20 and all night. In the morning I was sent to LZ Pinkey and the remainder of Delta company went north to the wood line where they got ambushed and that
is where Hooper and Sims got the CMH. At Phuoc Yen I remember Mike Dorch being off to my right and he was in Alpha company so I guess I was with Alpha company then. I was
with Major Nicholson and he was using the prc-25 on my back. Phuoc Yen was the last action I saw. After June 1968 they gave me a job in the TOC as a RTO for Heiter. I stayed on
T-Bone at that point until we moved to Tommahawk. I was only on Tommahawk a few hours and a guy came off a chopper and told me my tour was up and I could go home. I had
put in a 1049 to go to Special Forces and another 1049 to go to Cam Ranh Bay. They both came back approved and I ended up going to Camh Ranh bay with a gravy job. Well, that is
my story. Thanks, Ron Betts
Sun 1/9/2011 11:11 AM

Subject: Vietnam photosHi,
Give me the instructions for uploading or email attachment.
There won't be much in the way of captions, names, and/or locations just pictures.
I think someone will recognize those, though.
In the World,

xx29 Nov 2012

From: Bryan Evelyth
Subject : Firebase Ripcord

I have placed the content of Bryan's message on the Firebase Ripcord page:

15 Nov 2012

From: Thomas F. Porter
Subject: contact info

Name: Thomas F. Porter
Tel: 239-877-9465
Address: P.O. Box # 242
Goodland, Fl. 34140
29 Sep 2012

Hello I am looking for pictures if anyone has any of my Uncle Ronald Parker he was in 1st PLT A Co he is listed on the July 1970 Roster, also if there are any other orders or rosters with his name on it. He is still alive and well living in California. I would like to surprise him with a scrap book and shadow box.

Thank you


Douglas E. Peña

21 Jul 2012

Dear Sir,

I was a Huey slick driver with C/158/101st during 1969 stationed at Camp Evans. I am just starting to go through and digitize my slides from my time there. I know I have pictures of ' Whip '... just from glancing through some of my slides.. and may have a bunch of others... typically taken from the air and on short final.

Do you have a map of the locations of the firebases which were in your area of operations ? That would help me a lot..


I was the ' movement control officer ' and went with the equipment on a ship from Beaumont Texas , through the canal, and landed at Danang Red Beach...

after that ...while ' herding ' the equipment to Camp Evans... I spent a few days at what seems like was a Sand Bar ( might have been ' eagle beach ')... incountry rest and recovery camp near the ocean... and I seem to remember 2/501st as being some of the troops spending a few days resting there when I was there.... this would have been in Feb of 1969....

it was a place near where ' PACV ' were headquartered....

Do you know if I am correct about that being where some of you were sent to rest before the next mission ? I was barely 20 at the time ... this would have been in Feb of 1969 and I had turned 20 on the 30 day boatride in Jan... .. I should have paid more attention to numbers.... but was doing well just trying to keep my head above water..

I terms of the pictures of firebases...
I need to know what format you need them in....
What size...
and any other criteria which are important to you being able to use them... hopefully without having to manipulate them yourself....

I have a new canoscan 9000f and may buy a copy of Silverfast to do the most of my slides are Kodachrome... a slide harder to get a good copy of than some other types...

Gregory B. Moody
C/158/101st AHC

Elgin, Texas

18 Jul 2012

Dear Jim, Pat, Chris, Ken & The Avengers,

I am sorry it took so long to thank you for welcoming my cousin Dennis and myself to your reunion in San Diego.

You made us feel as if we were part of your group. I wish I could remember everybody’s name that I had the privilege of meeting, thank you.

Most of the time I am never lost for words, when I spoke I had a lot of things that I wanted to say but was unable. All I could think of was the last time I saw Bob Dangberg alive. I never thought that his memory would affect me the way it did. Bob was not only my cousin but my teammate in sports as well. I always wonder what would he be doing today.

Honoring a fallen member of “A” Co. 2/501 101st Airborne at your reunion is a memory that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Whoever thought of this idea I salute you. I know that it means a lot to the families. It truly meant a lot to Bob’s Brother Dennis, thank you.

If your group puts out a newsletter or if one of your members is ever in Southern California please do hesitate to give me a call my house is open to all of you, anytime.


Gene H Langenberg


From: Anthony Cruz
Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2012 11:50 AM
Subject: 501st/101st 1st Platoon

Hi, How are you? Would you happen to know if anyone know's anything  about my Dad Pablo Cruz?

Anthony Cruz (Tony)

From: margaret wilson []
Sent: December 29, 2013

Frank James Dutra lives in Eureka, CA.

Sent:Sat 11/30/2013
From:James Fletcher []

Hi! My name is Pat Fletcher. I was with Div Arty ('70-'71). I have some pictures in and around FSB Anzio (probably fall of '70). Also have pictures at Camp Eagle. Would you care for me to send them? Also, does anyone know of FSB Balls? I believe it was very short lived. 101st Airborne! Always brothers.

Sent: Tue 11/12/2013
From: Robert Martin []

If you are still looking, I have a few photos of the 155's and the TOC on FSB Tomahawk. I was 2/11th Arty, '69 - '70.

Robert Martin

Sent:Fri 11/08/2013
From:VaNeta SHANNON []

This is Charles M. (Mike) Shannon,
I am looking for 2 men that were at the 2002 Reunion in Colorado Springs. It was their first reunion that they had attended. They had photo’s of me on crutches, with my right foot wrapped. I am looking to get copies of the pictures.

I can’t remember the men’s names, so any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
Send info to my email

Thank you,
Mike Shannon

Sent: Sat 10/19/2013

From: Thomas Hook []

I just found out that my old platoon leader James Knight is alive and well. Can you give me his email address? Thomas Hook 1970.

Sent: Fri 10/11/2013
From: James Lanham []

My name is James Lanham, Confirmations Officer for our Nation's greatest Veteran's Day Parade. We are currently shifting into 1st gear, the process of planning, contacting,meeting with the officials of our great city. However the true BLOOD and HEARTBEAT of our parade is the Men and Women, who have served this great, great, nation.

Below is the website for access, and information about our celebration on November.11, 2013

My office # is (212) - 693 - 1476 , or (212) - 693 - 5701

Feel free to call or e-mail myself or other colleagues at

Embrace yourself for a historic event, in November.

Your Truly,


Sent: Fri 10/11/2013
From: Tonya Myrice []

Hi, I was looking at Rick Malboeuf’s pictures and saw some of my dad Richard (Dick) Myrice and was wondering if anyone else has any army pics of him. There was a flood in Ohio after he got out of the service and we only have 2 that someone gave us years later. I copied Ricks , they are great pics of MY DAD. I was sooo excited when I saw them and My Dad was too. Thanks for this site. It is nice to see people care and post the pics they have. thanks, Tonya Myrice

From: Michael Flood []
Sent: Wed 10/9/2013 5:14 PM

First let me introduce myself. My name is Mike Flood a retired 1SG and have served with the 101st on two occasions during the cold war conflicts as they are called. One day blast month a couple of us 101 vets at the VFW were wondering who the most decorated vet in the history of the 101st was. We all that it was going to be one from World War 2. Well after I researched it I was amazed as were many others that it was someone from the Vietnam War. At first we were amazed the it turned to embarrassment as we found out hardly anyone including us did not know about Hooper, and then to anger. What I am asking I am doing a two to three part article for the leaf chronicle in Clarksville, TN on Joe Ronnie Hooper. I have been in contact with his commander from his first tour in Vietnam with D Co 2/501 Inf Cleo Hogan who has provided me with a lot of information. I am just asking if anyone would like to make any comment has pictures or anything on Lt Hooper as I understand he arrived to A Co 2/501 after receiving a direct commission. to send them to me. Also I would like permission to use anything from your website as it pertains to LT Hooper’s Tour with A Co 2/501t INF.

Thank you,

Mike Flood

If anyone needs my address or phone number to pass on any info on LT Hooper let me know and again thanks!

From: Rick Malboeuf []
Sent: Sunday, September 01, 2013 11:31 PM

I served during April 69 Jan 70 and am wondering why my name does not appear on the avenger list or missing avengers. I was on Firebase Airborne 3 squad 3 platoon. I have some photos on DVD I would like to share if this site is still active and able to receive. I am the Canadian who served and was nick named Airborne or Canuck by some.

Rick Malboeuf

Fri 6/28/2013

I saw you were looking for me I guess I did not up date my e-mail and address. I was in Alpha Company 1st Platoon from the end of March until end of July I came from C 3/22 25th in March. My e-mail is My phone is 918 633 1815. Home address is Jim Robertson - 9014 N 132nd East Ave - Owasso OK 74055.

Sorry it took so long to notice I had not up dated hope to hear from you - Jim Robertson

5/26/2013 9:16 PM

Greetings: I am Perry Lewis, served with the 2nd of the 501st, Alpha Co. 3rd platoon 3rd squad 68-69-11 Bravo. Captain Whitaker was my original Platoon Leader. I am on the 1968 roster sent into LZ Sally as replacement. I have sent in a few things to the Alpha Original site-snake pictures and ect. I head up a Ministry in Dunn, N.C.-we send care/inspirational/snack packs and other items to soldiers serving overseas and to our Wounded Warriors here at home. Since approx. 2003, we have sent thousands of packs and Crosses. The name of our Ministry is Point Man Battleground Ministries based at my local Church. I am not affiliated with any other Ministry that contains "Point Man". We do not have a web-page, however my neice and family make horseshoe nail Crosses for our Ministry and supports our Ministry on their page at I am inquiring permission for them to link to your page and the possibitlity of you linking to theirs. Take a look at their site and see if that is something you would do. I would appreciate the support from those that I have served with and also the possibility of  sending more to your site. God Bless You-


Perry Lewis

5/22/2013 10:54 AM
Mark Orr []

To Barth or whom

I am Mark Orr, webguy of the LZ Sally website.

I just had a guestbook entry from a guy who spent all his time with your unit and claims to have 1500 unpublished pictures.

I don't know who this email is going to, so if you're connected to A/2/501 just write me back and I'll send you the guys email... or maybe you could get it from my guest book.

Also on another note, your company is one of the few from LZ Sally that I don't have a roster for. If you want one posted just let me know.

Catch you down the trail...


Mark Orr

4/26/2013 11:41 AM
mikala streeter []

roger karl was an avengar in Vietnam and he isnt on your list
Thanks mikala

4/11/2013 2:35 PM
Lil Peanut []

To whom it may concern,

My father was under this command. His name is John Hardy.