More pics of FSB Bastogne can be found on Bruce Reid's page here. Bruce was with 2-11 Artillery then Division Artillery of the 101st Airborne in 1971

Combat in Review

In scattered action throughout the division's AO, Screaming Eagles killed 50 enemy soldiers and captured a large quantity of weapons and ammunition.

The largest cache was discovered (near Firebase Bastogne) by Drive On troopers of Co. A, 2nd Bn. (Ambl.) 501st Inf., while operating in thick jungle vegetation southwest of Hue. Hidden in two bunkers were 142 B-40 rockets, 30 60mm mortar rounds, 17 82mm mortar rounds and two antitank mines.

In action near FB Brick, Drive On troopers of Co. B, 2/501st killed two NVA soldiers and captured their AK-47 rifles, one RPG launcner, three RPG rounds and several satchel charges.

The Geronimos of the Ist Bn. (Ambl.), 501st Inf., operating near FB Vandergrift in Quang Tri Province, killed 30 NVA soldiers in several encounters and discovered numerous caches. The caches contained 330 60mm mortar rounds, 30 82mm mortar rounds, 200 rounds of AK-47 ammunition and a quantity of grenades.

Stand Alone troopers from Co. B, 3rd Bn. (Ambl.), 506th Inf., discovered eight bunkers, 40 60mm mortar rounds and various items of clothing near FB Tomahawk. The Stand Alone troopers also discovered and destroyed a 16-bunker complex.

The lst Bn. (Ambl.), 502nd Inf., while operating near FB Brick, killed one NVA soldier and captured three AK-47 rifles, seven 82mm mortar rounds and two B-40 rockets.

No Slack troopers from the 2nd Bn. (Ambl.), 327th Inf., killed two NVA soldiers and captured a 9mm pistol and a machinegun. A closer search revealed a fragmentation grenade, with the pin still in it, clutched in the hand of one of the enemy soldiers.

Co. C, 1st Bn. (Ambl.), 327th Inf., killed eight enemy soldiers in the FB Normandy area. The Above the Rest troopers captured six AK-47 rifles, two SKS rifles, four machineguns and four M-1 carbines.

Rakkasans from the 3rd Bn. (Ambl.)., 187th Inf., called for and directed Cobra gunships against enemy soldiers while operating in the FB Scotch area. The next morning the Rakkasans killed seven NVA soldiers in repelling a sapper attack. The Screaming Eagles also captured four AK-47 rifles, one machinegun, one RPG launcher and two RPG rounds.

The total cache count for the Screaming Eagles for the two week period was 146 B-40 rockets, 409 60mm mortar rounds, 54 82 mm mortar rounds, 41 grenades, four RPG launchers, five RPG rounds, 16 AK-47 rifles, 200 rounds of AK-47 ammunition, eight machineguns, four M-1 carbines, two SKS rifles and two 12.7 machineguns. In addition, Screaming Eagles destroyed more than 110 bunkers and huts.

Screaming Eagle, Apr 71


Scout proves his worth

FIRE BASE BASTOGNE - Cay Nguyen Xuan, Luc Luong 66 Scout for Co. A, 2d Bn., 501st Inf., 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile), recently proved his value to his American comrades. Cay is a former North Vietnamese Army (NVA) soldier, now a Scout for the Screaming Eagles.
"We came into a landing zone (LZ) under fire from one side " said Capt. Jon Zimmerman, company commander. "My men engaged the enemy on that side of the LZ."

Cay, knowing the tactics of his former cornrades went to the other side of the LZ and waited for the enemy's next move. When the enemy approached, Cay was waiting for them.

"Cay moved from position to position keeping the NVA soldiers pinned down," said Zimmerman. "Two of my men saw what he was doing and joined him. When Cay ran out of ammunition, he braved the enemy fire to get more."

Moving back to his position, Cay began firing his M-16 rifle and M-79 grenade launcher at the same time.
"He almost single-handedly, suppressed the enemy fire from that side of the LZ enabling the helicopters to come in and pick us up," added the captain.

For his actions, Cay received a Bronze Star with "V" for valor from Maj. Gen. Thomas M. Tarpley, division commander, in an awards ceremony at Fire Base Bastogne.

Screaming Eagle, Jun 71


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